@voice82 Bulls are saying that Monday is phase 3 so the stock will boom, but thats been priced in since two weeks ago. Also, Monday will be the day that institutions start dumping bigly onto retail so they can get away from this. tbh I think most will move from pharma and start pushing back into consumables and travel stocks for their inevitable rise in three months when vaccine progress is shown (from Moderna or otherwise) and the economy becomes forward looking again. Also, for some TA: We bounced off the 50MA on the daily chart at 66 SP. Next place of support is the 100MA at 52 SP. that’s a long way to go. Last time this occurred was may of 2019, and in three weeks the stock fell by 60%. however now, the difference between the 50 and 100 moving average is 22% versus 11%. We also have a death cross forming on the hourly which should indicate a trend heading into this week. Im expecting a sharp circuit breaker drop in the morning