$MRNA venture flagship owns 70% of the institutional holdings for this company. they were also the ones who founded the company. they Have 58 million shares worth $580 million, meaning they are now worth around 3 billion I honestly expect them to dump this as soon as possible because of the patent issues. MRNA has no money on their own to buy out ABUS. The $900 million they received from the government will pay for development, not for corporate buy outs. I’m sure there is a lot of red tape attached to this money that will forbid this kind of thing. MODERNAS only option (since they have no revenue) is to beg flagship for money. At this rate they would have to sell at least a third of their shares to afford a buyout of ABUS. That would send this stock to the ground because you cannot sell 20 million shares at market price. I expect to see this fall to the 50s and before ABUS buy out is confirmed because that’s the only way
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