$PPBT I don’t care if this shit keeps falling, I just want some fucking trading to go on. This shit is so illiquid at these near net cash levels that my position is bigger than all shares traded for most of the day. Imagine cathie or Steven trying to exit. You think they would risk that money on a stock trading 14k by noon and not know that something huge was coming? Cathie has almost 750k shares. We don’t even trade that much in an entire week right now. In fact that takes almost 2 weeks. This stock price is going straight the fuck up soon. Illiquidity at the bottom suggests that no one is selling. Batx Edgx Arcx Are all kicking the can down the road trying to nickel and dime any CUSIP long shares off retail to help their illegal shorting losses. They are trying to put a bandaid on a broken arm so to speak. They know it, this volume proves it, and they just hope your personal life gets in the way or you get bored. I will buy more shares the second I can.