@JJT3 Yes. Go ahead and hold it for years but know that they don't have any battery tech that's an advantage and know that the fuel cell plan is just bolting other people's hardware together. And know that the fuel stations are also someone else's tech. IOW, no competitive advantage here although many advantages claimed. But the big (massive) disadvantage is any existing truck maker is miles ahead as soon as they partner with someone that does have a competitive advantage with the tech. That's the problem here.
@HardcoreMaximus Disagree with all your points. I did DD on this and know you didn’t. Shorts don’t care about details, it’s all about lying rhetoric from you guys. It’s just funny because anyone who has done even done DD knows your either a lying sack of shit OR your just that dumb. I haven’t made my mind up about you just yet. I’m leaning towards the square block in round hole kinda guy.