$SOS $EBON $NIO $SPY $NASDAQ If you've already finished buying discounted shares during the dip, just walk away form the computer or close your mobile trading app...go enjoy the outdoors, focus on your main work, spend time with the family, run some errands, whatever it is that gets rid of your itchy fingers. Market's down, it's not a crash...it's just a dip(lil bigger than Investing's about a longer outlook than 1-2 days. There's small and large dips in the market every day, week, month, year, take advantage of it. If you bought too high, use these dips to lower your average. The market will go back up and higher than it was before the dip, it has happened with every dip...even every pullback or crash, even the 2020 one, and it WILL happen this time as well. Most importantly, have some trust in yourself and trust whatever you decided to buy, it will perform. If you don't trust yourself, and you don't trust what you bought, then you shouldn't be trading in the first place.