$SPY $QQQ markets have called the Fed's bluff on its inflation fight. Yields are crashing and we are returning to easy money policies.
@JLInvest But inflation isn't going away. I am seeing more things go up almost weekly. They can have all the easy money they want and we will get stagflation
@momomiester @JLInvest agreed about inflation. We are seeing energy come back in though. We may be able to reduce inflation for a quarter or two and then have it explode higher. IMO we have seen some demand destruction but inflation is still being passed to the consumer. Corps are selling less and still beating revenue expectations. Maybe a repeat of 1980 with a decline and then return to inflation that finally crushes the US consumer and leads to a longer deflationary/ recession period. Everyone is much weaker now and low income households are being sustained by short term loans from buy now pay later and federal student loans are still being deferred. If they drop that policy which is unlikely until after midterms we will see a crunch on spending. There is still a hell of alot I'm missing out on as economies are really complex but that's my thinking. Is it right I have no idea. Haha.