$GLBS 3 lb Tomohack steak in Miami with my Bro! Had to get away from NY!!! Along with a bottle of Mcallan M Single Malt!! All for you long bulls!! Enjoy the posts from this morning from that whack job!! It’s a good sign! Once they show up??? It’s a good sign! Our first buy was in June 2020 and we rode the R/S with 2.0M in the .10’s! We added and averaged down endlessly since!! Don’t listen to these new rapid posters of negative shit! We see who are players are and they’re not here to play for peanuts!! Hold and be patient and ignore all the negativity you see! They’re gonna try and trust us, they’re going to make it as frustrating as possible!! Don’t play into it! Some ask if this is DRYs? We were there, and not seeing the same unless there’s an influx of shorts that come in! Please do your DD, this mix of Tutes aren’t here to play games! My long bulls....hold on tight! Newbies...do your DD and you’ll see it’s simple math! We’re gonna be right behind you on this!!