I go by JMacInvestingOnYoutube here on stocktwits and on Discord. Enjoy your couple days of fame, ill drop a video tomorrow exposing you although @Stocktwits should have removed your fake account already: imposter account
@JMacInvestingOnYouTube where was that mention of me being exposed😂😂😂 you are such a delusional idiot and straight disrespect your followers by posting lies trying to claim you are me. If you want to know who the real one is(me) just look at this post of his lies and watch my recent video where i do not even give this clown 2 seconds of mention time because my followers already know. I GO BY JMACINVESTING ON ALL PLATFORMS IDIOT. Not one of my accounts has “onyoutube” because their originals. Whats next are you going to post as daquanOnInstagram. Seek help. And for whoever is following this clown come the my real page instead of believing a liar whos been exposed now. Im done with this 🤡
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