$IBIO Reading Dr. Armstrong's Bio was like reading a 'whose who' of academia powerhouses, including the likes of Ivy league Harvard & Yale. Dr Armstrong served in senior leadership roles with Novartis, Pfizer, Schering Plough, and was on the faculty of NYU Medical Cntr. Dr. Armstrong is a Board-Certified Pulmonologist and Internist specializing in respiratory diseases & therapeutics. She is a 'heavy weight' in the BP theater for infectious diseases affecting the lungs. The fact that IBIO mentioned "her guidance will be critical as they progress the development of our respiratory disease portfolio, including COVID IBIO-200 & 201 vaccine and therapeutic candidates, as well as IBIO-100 which includes idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis as a potential indication" tells me something is up with these indications. There are enough positive developments in them as a cluster to warrant her expertise at this juncture in IBIO's history. This is an unprecedented move at this time, and I'm jazzed.
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@JPetroInc i feel like this was a bigger bombshell than anything they’ve dropped including yesterday’s ER - her alone gave me more fuel to stay the course on my investment
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@iBio100200 Yeah, me as well. Between Dr. Armstrong's appointment to IBIO's prestigious Board, and the ASM being moved up - both strong indications that say IBIO's portfolio is gaining prominence. I come from a medical household with a number of MD's in our family, so I have an eye for medical professionals and what they specialize in. Dr. Armstrong's appearance on IBIO's Board is exceptionally good news...!
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