$IBIO With all due respect to ST's IBIO Brain Trust, Tom was a bit underwhelming in his approach & delivery regarding how a public security CC should be delivered. I am unsure if this is his 1st public company ownership, but there were may things he did to concern shareholders that could have been better presented. The fact that the crown jewel IBIO-201 continues to languish w/o any tangible milestone metrics is utterly unacceptable. The fact that he stated early 2021 for tox's was a major disappointment. Talking about be pleased with the current pps by comparing it to a prior $0.13 pps, while mentioning the importance of being able to remain in business (solvent enough) to deliver IBIO's products to its customers left many feeling queezy about IBIO's future. Many were hoping for justification as to the AS share increase. Tom failed miserably to bolster the SH concerns regarding the potential for its dilutive effects. Sorry, I've heard much better CC's from similar stinky pinkies.
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