$BNGO It's so hilarious how you "buy and hold" people act. I locked in $150k selling most of my stock over $12. Throughout all these down moves, I have rebought and sold, and am now pushing $225k. And guess what? I missed no crazy up move. I just keep making money using a buy and sell strategy by following the stock support when it comes in and selling when it drops away. People acting like buying and holding ends up more profitable because of capital gains... Well if I never sold, and just held like a bunch of you claim you do, I wouldn't even be up $150k right now. Knowing how to read the stock action, you can make way more money. If this stock ever hits even $20, I will challenge any "buy and hold" person to post a gain that is even just half of what I make. I will post my gain, and I guarantee I will make way more than 99% of the jokes that call themselves investors here.