$XSPA He does "a technical video" as a sign for all shorts to let them know that he will get in to short it "IMHO". SPREAD THE WORD TO DO MAXIMUM SQUEEZES AND MAKE HIM RETURN MONEY WHERE HE WITH HIS "TECHNICAL VIDEOS" LIED TO PEOPLE
$XSPA ATTENTION BULLS! That Clay evil shows up at every vulnerable or unstable trading stock. Shorting stocks that seem to go lower or that know people might panic in certain events. People fears him instead of bringing funds to make him go away, they let him empower and take over stocks. We the bulls must stand up to this issue, he seems to always take advantage of these situations and it is abusive at this point. He is shorting stocks that are doing great stuff for all humanity. Just think about it, he short stocks that who knows one day can save your loved ones lives. STAND UP AND LET'S MAKE IT GO VIRAL SO ALL BULLS AROUND THE WORLD FIGHT THIS INJUSTICE. LET'S ALL HELP COMPANIES THAT ARE OFFICIALLY WORKING AGAINST CORONAVIRUS. IT IS NOT FOR MONEY, IT IS FOR ALL AMERICA'S PEOPLE HEALTH!! WAKE UP BECAUSE OUR FEARS ARE FEEDING THIS MONSTER!
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