@Jacineh1 @Newtrader40 @YodaTwits 1) How come your picture doesn’t show the date of the $30.10. If you’re going to to include a picture, make sure it supports your argument. I would guess it was prior to 2018, so you would have had 2 reverse splits (1:10, 1:7) after that. If so, the value would have been $0.43. It’s pretty sad to call someone a liar then mislead with irrelevant data. The date is crucial. 2) purchased 10000, was divided by 10 in the 1:10 reverse split leaving me with 1,000. 3) purchased 20,000, giving me 21,000, then was divided by 7 in the 1:7 reverse split leaving me with 3,000. 4) yes, I’d love for you to show me your math and tell me how my shares don’t add up, I think everyone would get a kick out of it 5) As I mentioned, I held on and bought more because of the COVID lie in Aug 2020. I would have happily sold at $17 in the pre-market in Feb 21 and made my money back and them some, but as I said, I wasn’t able to and the stock had already fallen to $12.