$HCMC The dilution is not just about company ownership. Jeff was playing word gymnastics. Let me try explaining it this way. These numbers are for demonstration purposes you can do the math If an R/S happens before the offering it would be 1:300 to get down to a billion shares. Because of the offering it goes up to 1:400 to reach the same billion shares If a buyback required 300 billion dollars it would now required 400 billion for a buyback making even more less likely. Every person in the entire world would need to buy 50 shares to create enough demand to move the stock price. After the offering every person in the entire world would have to buy 60 shares to consume the supply. FACT On march 2nd Jeff DILUATED 200 billion shares and that tanked the price to .001. Look at the chart and pr. What the hell is 100 million dollars going to do the price when the SS is updated? WHY YOU PEOPLE TRUST THIS CON-MAN is beyond me.
@Jackb33 if you bought the offering you didnt get diluted and was a massive average down. and now the company I believe in is worth 100million more which raises the value as much as what was diluted
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@Jackb33 well just to say. when the ceo award himself shares and other directors. it isn't dilution unless they sell it. but I don't think investor sold because ceo held a higher position of shares so I would not call that dilution until warrant are exercise because what Jeff did, DID NOT INCREASE OUTSTANDING SHARES. very important to recognize
@Jbono In Jan / Feb when I bought in the OS was 80 billion. It is now over 300 billiion and "may" touch 400 billion after the offering. I am not making these numbers up.
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