$BCRX Ok boys and girls. Probably pissed off my boss when I put that 30 day LOA in for personal reasons. I just cancelled it. I will instead ask for him to find me a part time hourly job doing the same I do, in which I only work 15 hours a week for 3 days. And no oncall and none of some other bullshit. That will get me past bonus May, since I worked full time during the entire FY. It will also get me past August, when I hit my retirement age. This will cause all options I have at work to immediately vest. And I will be able to keep my pension, albeit small. It was grandfathered in before they started doing 401k with matching. Then in September or October, I fly away and trade stocks all day long. Can’t wait. Will have BCRX as my buddy through thick and thin.