$TGOD.CA For anybody questioning about JackthePump.... He is the OG Corn Holy Hole licker of Athaides tangy juice! Has spent countless hours trying to bury his/her past on a Pot stock that took him/her to cleaners! LOL....posts about 20 day hoping to put it so far in past it disappears? LOL... i.e. Jackthepump 10/1/19, 01:57 PM $TGOD.CA trst stays even...we drop another 7%. I will bag hold as long as it takes. Manipulators at work here... Checks out the date folks? Dude/Chic has mad skills on Dope, trading and even relationships! Real swell Cat if you ask me.....Say HIGH to Athaides little hemorrhoid kernel dangling bro give it's a little nibble for me? Thanks, appreciate it!
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