$BE #BloomEnergy as a company is under-appreciated, undervalued, but it started in 2001. It came out of "stealth mode" in 2010. John Doerr, American billionaire, and investor has said this of Bloom Energy, "This is like the Google IPO." techcrunch.com/2010/02/24/d... bloomenergy.com/john-doerr Bloom Energy like all innovative technologies has its obstacles to face and mountains to climb. In the last 2 quarters, it has shown profits, just two years after its initial I.P.O. (Watch the video in my earlier post, to see what obstacles $BE has to face). This video posted in 2012, does not speak of President Obama in any way but has been titled so. I don't know why. youtube.com/watch?v=zxyKlTD... (60 Minutes). Watch this video it is 14:02 minutes long if you want to know what Bloom Energy is all about. 60 Minutes takes a sneak-peek into the Bloom Energy server box. And the host has some hard-hitting questions for CEO K. Sridhar who is a NASA Nuclear scientist and Engineer. Photo: John Doerr.
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