$WKHS DD The Workhorse Gang (a fictional story) - Workhorse is not expected as the winner as the only all electric, all American, purpose built vehicle bid - Workhorse doesnt have political backing like Trump, Biden, Senate and House members - Lacks partnerships with Ride, Ryder, DHL, Pritchard, Hitachi, UPS, Verizon, Possibly with IKEA - Lacks future catalysts for refrigerated trucks and drone delivery from vehicles - US did not join Paris Climate Agreement - Workhorse doesnt have CARB and other green certifications - Cathie doesnt buy in ARKQ - Workhorse and LMC don't have active registration status - Postal service didnt get 10 billion funding in Dec 2020 - Hitachi Typo of USPS - USPS Mail truck NOT seen in WKHS New jobs - 6000+ Order from Pritchard - TheBullCase is an actual cow