$REYN I Absolutely love Reynolds. I believe it gives security in the time we’re in and also provides major upside all at the same time. Before you ask what it is, It’s in your house in many different ways, from plates to forks to HEFTY trash bags to cups to the aluminum foil and Saran Wrap (who do you think makes Costco’s Kirkland brands foil etc). The products are Currently only sold in the USA, but the I expect the company to expand world wide, and other countries love USA brands. Giving this stock the potential to boom. All while providing you security if anything were to occur, like let’s say corona pt 2 drama, cuz even if corona comes back, you still need trash bags, plates, cups, etc. I also expect corona to actually lead to a bump when earnings show that people have become more accustomed to staying home (using more Reynolds products) That’s my take. I’m not saying you’ll see quick gains but long term in the time were in I say strengthen your portfolio up with some Reynolds
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