$SHIB.X Guys the issue with CBP stopping receives and sends has caused the extreme elevation in their SHIB price.. No SHIB is coming out not going in, so whatever SHIB is being traded on CBP, STAYS on CBP.. They’ve trapped themselves in a SHIB bubble or it’s own CBP/SHIB ecosystem., which is why it’s price is SO MUCH higher than the actual market.. AND more importantly, why the ACTUAL SHIB price is stalling?? They’ve now got to sort this out, so every CBP/SHIB holder will have the correct amount of shib for the correct price, without them gaining or losing.. CBP, you’ve got a mountain to climb.. be interesting to see how it pans out Shiba Inu’s huge demand, once again breaks Coinbase 😂 Just my take 🤷🏻 #SHIBARMY