$SHCR At $10 a share this company took advantage of crazy valuations SPACS are willing to pay for decent companies. Insiders sold a bunch of stock on the merger at a price North of $3.8 Billion ($10 a share). The shorts and other investors used the public liquidity to sell the stock down to $6.45 or close to a $2.7 Billion valuation less cash on balance sheet of $400. $2.3 Billion for $31 Million in 2021 EBITDA Still crazy expensive. The good news is that the company should grow EBITDA quickly to $100 and the stock can grow into its valuation. Probably a good place to start accumulating some stock if you have a long term perspective.
@JeffArnoldsGlasses @johns45, I have no idea where John is getting his PT. These companies get valued on EV/rev usually, not EBITDA or PE. Healthcare tech and disruption stocks typically get a ‘21 EV/rev of 10-15 easily (e.g. $TDOC $GDRX $PHR, and etc.), for this type of revenue growth. Their current ‘21 EV/rev is ~5 right now…it is just an added bonus that they are EBITDA positive, as most are not. If you believe their ‘22 projections, they are even more behind in peer multiples.
@JeffArnoldsGlasses @johns45 there’s an chance that it hits $5, as the inflationary/macro environment could bring it down. But that’s just short term price action. If your horizon is 1+ year and you got in below 7, it should be easy returns over the next few years. These type of companies don’t go unnoticed for too long. Lot of de-SPAC’d companies got hit hard after de-SPAC’ing. You just gotta be patient and hope the analysts come through. We need a few more of the big reputable ones. They haven’t even had their first ER call yet and no released financials as a public company. So this is probably not even popping up on most screens.
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