Funded one of my accounts on 9/10 for my 11 year old with $500. He loves this and doing great so far at $800+ His goal is $5k by EOY. Teach them early πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ« As for me, holding $NAKD at $.122, $ENG at $1.02 (sent #tradealert ), $GLBS at $.125 (sent #alert), $PLUG πŸ’° sent alert
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@Ohad_R @SemperFi_Trades appreciate that..there is one particular person on this board who does it his way or the highway and that's ok. Each of us have our own ways of investing. Personally, I've almost been able to double my position since selling in the $14's because of a technical sell signal. As I have said many, many times technicals are only good until they change. And technicals are now in the process of changing from bearish to bullish for $PRTS. The last confirmation will be a close above $13.50.
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