$PRTS $W $CHWY $PTON Vaccines and Shutdowns. Moderna vaccine is 94% effective and Michigan and parts of Colorado are shutting down due to rising COVID positive tests. Short selling e-commerce with this news seems foolish but that's how the manipulators do it these days. Just wait till the manipulators cover and go long when Stimulus gets closer in January.
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@Jayfe1 Bears complain about “manipulators” all the way up. And bulls complain about “manipulators” all the way down. I think these “manipulators” and called a market. This stock too advantage of some unexpected tailwinds due to the pandemic that nobody would have dreamed of back in February when it was dying on the vine. Now, it is hitting headwinds because of vaccines and crazy lofty valuations guiding lower. We will see where it all plays out.
@Steross245 "dying on the vine"? Yeah okay, shows what you know. Sales were up over 20% through February and took a hit in March. PRTS doesn't have a crazy lofty valuation. We shall see.