$GNUS long message apologies but here’s a bit of my DD 8 reasons why GNUS is great, this is my message to friends so forgive me for any spelling mistakes or poor grammar as I don’t have time to re write - 1) They own all the right to Stan lee which we already knew But they’ve got a contract developing with marvel soon to be announced 2) they Have $100 million cash at the ready 3)they have guaranteed no more offerings 4) they have guaranteed no reverse split 5) Obviously they have so many good famous people involved (SHAQ, Buffet and Arni to name a few) but many more unrecognised big names behind the scenes 6) Not one person who works for the company and owns shares have ever sold a share and don’t plan to for years 7) He described it as a developing Netflix for kids and described shaqs garage as TOY story / hot wheels with a massive star involved 8) He also basically said the current share price doesn’t represent where they are at and it’s down to short sellers
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