$NIO holding 128,000 shares and not selling. bought 17000 more shares on 2 of my accounts at $26+. People laughed at me since I got at $1.80. I said will hit 6-8 by febraury, 14-18 by summer, 48 to 68 by end of year and up to 100 next year. Tesla market cap is $430 billion market cap and nio should be at $100 billion market cap........ Made millions on beyond Meat and roku from $20 to over 180 and amd from 1.80 to 80. Nio is the same if hold for a year. Too many young people Impatient. Nio is a value growth stock. Easier to keep buying and holding as 80% of shares are insider and institution owned. Bin li owns over 50% voting shares
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