$ACB (acb spun off and gave us ausa shares back couple years ago, not sure why no chat on it) bought another 80,000 ausa shares at 70 cents. this ones will be will be over 1.50 soon with biden pitting over in 9 days... and the recent aquisition on nevada of green therapeutics that supplies 53% of Nevada and aquisitionnof Alps that manages greenhouses... market cap should be around triple .. so we should be in 1.80 to 2.25 range .. for those that remember me. Village farms Made me alot past year.. And tilry $22 to 150+, canopy $5 to 40+, acb $1, aphria $1 back 3 years in canadian hype made me millions ... now is the usa expansion... ausa is one that can give us multiples now they are expanding
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