$SNDL Don’t let them bears get you down!! I’ve done lots of thinking. This is a wonderful long term hold and I won’t be selling any time soon. I will continue to add when it drops. Had the WSB pump never took place and we never saw it hit 4+ we would all be happy with where we are at right now. Sure we are having a pullback right now but so is the entire stock market except for a few. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe in them when they say what they are doing is for the better good of the company and it’s investors. I’ll continue to patiently wait to see if they announce an acquisition or merger. They can’t just sit in an that $$ forever. I’m sure they are working out all of the small details as we sit here and wonder. Sure I’m down some $$ right now but the same happened to me with APHA and look at it now. I held thru that storm when all the news said not to buy it. I think I’ll do the same with $SNDL! Give this a year or so and be patient abs we all will see 10+!