$AMC Godzilla vs Kong $48.5 million American revenue. $285.4 Global. Those aren't even updated numbers. CEO on Fox Business did an incredible interview stating theaters are doing well, opening SAFELY with not a single reported case or transmission of Covid within their establishments. Plans to return to normal capacity EOY. Numbers on Kong prove that streaming services literally do not stop people from going out to see movies, but deals with HBO Max are set to end in 2022. Updated $13 PT which is still ridiculously low considering that every other stock in this industry is above $20. Retail shorts need to move on because you're going to get burned here. We don't even need a squeeze or the potential (which is obviously there) to understand that this is an undervalued price. But it's a "meme stock" ...okay. $GME $SNDL $DIS $TSLA