$AMC I really hope people appreciate the rare wisdom and knowledge that you were given with this interview. Years of experience condensed into a 15 minute video. Yeah, it's not exactly what you wanted to hear, but the world isn't sunshine and rainbows. You're playing a brutal, CUTTHROAT game with people that have more money, knowledge and experience than you. And he cut it straight with you. I'm still very much bullish on AMC, but this is a 20 dollar stock. Yeah, the squeeze potential is there, but true value is around 20-30, in my opinion. I don't like seeing people dismiss what the man said simply because he cut it straight with you. Look past that and take it in because as much as you want to hold those diamond hands, eventually you're going to be back in the market playing by the rules. You can be upset that you weren't told what you wanted to hear, sad that he didn't run around in an ape costume. Or you can take the wisdom he shared with you and put it to use. That's up to you.​