$SRNE The way I see this ever time this gets shorted someone with dry powder will scope it up like why on earth won't you? It has a $7 price tag on it's head! You see this drop You buy more and hold! Those like us who have played this at $1.50 levels and still holding are just waiting for that final blow to every short out there. I and some are sure this will be ripping shorts guts out like Geralt when the news drop. So every time this drop on oversold at the RSI I am buying those dips. I don't care the price as I know it is not $7. Even if I slap the ask I will end up at $3ISH average so still possible but as a trader I want a better deal so go ahead bump it down shorts like we bulls care. Oh btw...is there available shares to shorts? get em if you can and if you do manage to drop it cover as fast as you can as the rebound might be faster than how it will drop.
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