$ZOM Another question for you guys. Just saw that there is a domestication vote that will happen on Dec 15. You guys think one of the reason to do that is to get this out of Alberta so that it won't have the voting restrictions like what it just had because of 2/3 majority vote under Canadian law? I am pointing towards the reverse stock split that was approved by a majority of the shares voting but did not receive the required 2/3 majority vote required under Canadian Law. I'm not spewing R/S or delisting probability here just going through the documents as it sounds like this will want to move higher towards March 30, 2021 but I'm curious what is going on when this just went beyond the Oct. 10, 2020 .20/share deadline and nothing is being said by the company about it.
@JeLaw178 RS vote didn't happen in the fall. Too close to ATM offering and people were sick of getting burnt. Date of record for the Dec. 15 vote was the 22nd of OCT. Previous PR's called for the release of Truforma to be before the end of the year. Longs sat patiently with no PR for months because Daddy(Cohen) was mad at us. They were shooting for another RS vote, and domestication in Delaware at the December meeting. Too many voters(shareholders) caught wind of the fact that if the company moves to Delaware, the board can ignore the shareholders regardless of how they vote. So the vote numbers didn't look good. That is what led Cohen to come off some real PR. They want the RS to eliminate some of the 500mil share float. The other vote at the meeting was to give themselves bonuses