If you don’t think the negativity around insider selling, whether it’s common or not, doesn’t have anything to do with sentiment and buying and selling, you’re naive. I currently own 21,000 (750 shares at $92 in 2011) shares of Apple and 11,000 shares (avg price $6.76). Savagely inexperienced? Ok fool. I’m good because I’m acutely aware of sentiment and what the job of a CEO is, are you? A lot of low earning, no nothing, say a lot, judgemental turds on here. Follow me if you want to grow up sonny boy..
@JebbyJ1 then shut down the entire market, bc insider selling happens on every single stock that has been public long enough to legally allow it. PLTR price action could not possibly have less correlation to insider selling, and you reveal yourself to be savagely inexperienced as a trader by even hinting at it.
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