$NOVN "The placement agent warrants have an exercise price equal to $0.5375, which is equal to 125% of the price per share for the shares of common stock sold in this offering, and will be exercisable for five years from the date of issuance.". Interesting so no more sudden drops. Time to add I guess and .30s are still a possibility if MMs and shorts keep bashing it. Barely any bids all day. April 1st is NOT AN APPROVAL MEETING. They need to have an NDA to submit first, don't listen to the people that say FDA approval those are people who don't read the PR from NOVN. They just want to have feedback from the FDA on whether they should continue SB206. I'm playing for CV hype and run-up. However, this might be the bottom here or the retracement to .35s is correct. Taking a small position to make sure that I profit off any pump with a tight stop loss.
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