$BNGO THE WHOLE DARN STUDY IS SAPHYR... yes, ALL CAPS...the promised land...clinical human samples... We stand alone....yes! "Existing techniques are typically either unable to accurately assemble these regions due to short read lengths--with some repeat units extending for hundreds of kb, even "long-read" technologies such as PacBio or Nanopore are insufficient to reconstruct many SDs (Vollger et al. 2019)--or are too cost- and/or labor-intensive to be applied in a high-throughput study (e.g. "long-read" sequencing of individual BAC clones(Huddleston et al. 2014) or fiber FISH analysis (Molina et al. 2012)). Bionano optical mapping overcomes both of the above constraints by obtaining long read lengths with a fast and (at ~$600 per sample) cost-effective methodology."
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