$SOS This guy is so far out of the loop.... Hey bud, read an article or a book instead of a chart for a day....
$SOS 1 minute bearish Wolfewave with a bear 1:3 ratio. That’s with fractal bull trailing stops. Grey - hourly Maroon - 4 hour 5 minute red downtrend channel. Weekly shooting star with the weekly dot moving above price. Monthly dot below price at 1.89. Above 1.89 based on the monthly chart, it is still bullish with the weekly on a bullish pullback. Since the weekly dot is quite high, the bear retrace towards it could still be significant for bulls to profit from.
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@NotKanye That’s the 1 minute average true range to calculate the bear stop, target, and mark ups. A mark up is a market maker strategy to have some protection from volatility.