$SLS Nothing changed. Still going to get FDA all clear, still going to get VADIS data. No fear of running out of money or having another offering until this time next year (unless the stock triples in value and/or the remaining $2M under the existing S-3). I don't believe there's anything fraudulent going on--i.e., they have material info they're simply not sharing against SEC rules, etc.--and this latest financing round saw investor(s) pay a premium (3.98 vs. 3.92 closing pps the day prior to the deal)! And there's not more outstanding warrants than shares, as I read on here earlier, nor does the recent ATM indicate SLS has nothing else to offer by way of asset divestiture; more likely it's that people have been listening to the presentations! There's another $3.2M coming to SLS upon exercise of those private placement warrants. Brilliant! There's nothing for the company to report until there is, and that really is the bottom line, imo. $6.5M in new money apparently thinks so, too.
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