$TVIX that is what’s planned. A few programmer buddies of mine at Goldman have the inside scoop... basically the amount of money these funds have been taking from new retail traders lately is absolutely eyebrow-raising... so for now they are delisting it and forcing all retail to lock in their losses here before Credit Suisse takes in even more retail stimulus money and risks government intervention or regulation as we melt up... Then once things cool off in several years they will relaunch a new VIX fund similar to this just with a different ticker before the REAL depressiom starts... but by that time all retail will have already been wiped out... so basically, the jokes on you and it always has been... looking for $50 by delisting date. Best wishes all. $SPY
$TVIX who else thinks this will be driven down until delist date then the VIX will start exploding again after that
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