$NNDM just a thought... there was a 10-1 RS here Oct 21, 19'. The price then was .305, which after the split shows as $3.05. Before this DO, we had 27.21 million shares o/s. This company has only regained its pre-split valuation of roughly $81 million. We're adding approximately 18 million shares for a total of 45 million shares, thereby increasing the market cap to $100 million give or take. I dont really know where I'm going with this but I guess I'm just trying to figure out what this patent is potentially worth. Every $1 adds $45 million to the market cap. B/V value here is $3.69 according to SimplyWall so perhaps that's a starting point and we're already undervalued. What's a sustainable market cap with just the new patent? $3.69+++ ??? I guess its anybody's guess but until fins come out and probably show a loss, my assumption is that this patent should comfortably help us test $5-6 depending on hype and find a more long term home in the mid $4s @ $225 million cap. 🤔
P/B value of $3.69 with a 0.8x multiple compared to 1.4x in the industry sector. 🤔