Reading the following books. Ive read them in the past but since I'm back on the options game I figure I'll wipe the dust off and read them again. Definitely enjoying options trading more than equities. For starters, options are only available on equities of a higher calibre (for the most part). And, if playing options with a good understanding of trends and chart patterns, the rewards can be quite substantial. I love making 100-300% gains. That's average in the options game. Also, you can always stop losses like you do with equities before expiry although most options guides tell you to ride or die when playing the options game. I don't think I fully agree with that but hey, I'm not a millionaire. So yeah. Options are my thing again. Just don't get into leveraged products and stay on the right side of volatility. Hopefully I'll have some good stories on gains. Take care everyone.