@JerseyJay @erice579 jay - just saw your post here. I’ve enjoyed following you in OBSV. What I love about what you said is time. I work full time (from home for now bc virus) with 11, 8 and 1 year old and told just found out my wife who is pregnant is having twins. So I need the same thing, quick study and to make to money lol
@Brettritch @erice579 God bless you! And I'm happy you have been able to work from home. YouTube all you can in your free time, chart a bunch of random stocks and monitor closely how they behave. Like anything else practice makes perfect. I've noticed technicals/patterns play a signficant role during catalyst anticipation but I'm still investigating their role in catalyst reaction. Additionally, from a visual standpoint, signficant supports/resistances often switch back and forth so look beyond "all the highs and all the lows" and identify lines that have signficant movement on both sides (obsv example attached). GL! (also post everything you see! Don't be afraid to be wrong because being told your wrong and why is how you learn more!)