$XELA I guess many of you were not here when she was at 2.2 or 1.5. Sept is know for the worst month of stock market. As I said at very beginning, this is LONG TERM investment to me. XELA provide all products that "the pandemic" need for most of business. The more you look at daily price, more frustrated you are. Day trader/swings come and leave. They buy low sell high. Some cut loss. But long term is not within months. It's counted by years. Please do your own DD. I am stressed out when I see my porfolio but I am stressed out when people say "get in because of Jess". I have not wrong for any my long term positions before as NIO, LKNCY, MVIS, OCGN....but we never know. That does not mean I will not be wrong. However, I still hold full position and wait to add more at EOY.