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    Jesse Colombo Joined Aug 31, 2012

    Analyst warning of dangerous new economic bubbles that started inflating after the 2008 financial crisis; columnist.


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      Boyplunger's Uncle
      Heavily leveraged, only taking positions when a large reward:risk bias skew perceived. Exit quickly after the easy money has been made but press the great moves if out-sized returns are probable via statistically (seemingly) improbable continuation.
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      Tradespoon Official Account
      Former OptionsXpress Chief of Technology, providing daily stock and options picks with entry and exit points. Recommended by Barron's. Picks based on a quantitative trading system built upon statistical analysis. Try us for Free today.
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      Brett Steenbarger Official Account
      Trading coach, stock index trader, author, blogger, five kids, six grandkids, and four rescue cats. I have a special interest in the integration of quantitative and discretionary approaches to trading.
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      Aleks - SloBux
      Founder of
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      Trading equities and options on the basis of finding fundamentally undervalued/overvalued companies that have a technical setup and using options to capitalize on the short term swing trades. Vertical spreads, Iron Condors and Diagonals
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      David J Waldron
      David J. Waldron is a performance award-winning contributing author to Seeking Alpha (free, email registration required) and creator of the popular article series, "Value Investing For Main Street."
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      dean dsa
      Adviser to MCB Treasury, Director, was a Fund Manager, Corporate Adviser, Golfer, Daddy, Husband. Based in Mauritius with an Africa focus
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      kort panzner
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      Equity Masters
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      M R
      Past 60. Semi-retired. Lifetime investor. Trading options since I was 20. Prefer high tech, news value stocks, mostly biotech. My style is patient investing - buy low, wait for news/growth, sell high. Annual rate of return 66%-100%+.
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      Maxime Houle
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      Trevor Wilkinson
      27 Years on the investing frontline and still SO much to learn :o)
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      Dividend Buddy
      Your Financial Friend Free financial advice, data, opinions & news. Visit Follow us on Twitter @DividendBuddy Like Us on Facebook & make more buddies.
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      barry horowitz
      Long time Runner, triathlete, Started trading OTC South African gold stocks when Nixon closed the gold window. Now trade mostly Index futures,Options. Student of volume
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      Ken Faulkenberry Official Account
      Founder: Arbor Investment Planner, home of the Dividend Value Builder Newsletter and DVB Portfolios, and Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP). These are my personal portfolios, which I share with Premium Newsletter Members.
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      Know Thyself
      ETN's Up or Down. Ride the wave, make 12-15%, wait for the next wave.
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      Michael Dee
      I aim to trade from an emotionally balanced place. Think: Golden Mean or the Middle Way - that desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency. DT, Swing Trade and LT Growth Plays.
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      Dee Woo
      A columnist for Seekingalpha,Zerohedge,FXstreet,Huffington Post,Financial Times Tilt, Business Insider,Caixin,Forbes China .CIO&CEO and Agora Financial China.
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      Equity contributor platform where investors, traders, and businesses can share, discuss, and monetize their market knowledge.
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      Bail O'Nomics