$AMC $GME Spoiler Alert: there is none it’s why they are AMC and GMEs DESIGNATED transfer agent. There’s no way to tell what is being done with shares the DTCC is just a “trust me bro I have your shares” transfer agent. If you are holding long holding shares in a brokerage is deadweight to a short squeeze. I have news for you guys, David Inggs, member of DTCC: “Global Head of Operations at Citadel and is responsible for all products across Asset Servicing, Billing, Cash Management, Clearing, Collateral Management, Reconciliation & Control and Settlements.” COO of E*Trade and “David spent most of his career at Goldman Sachs, where he was a Managing Director and held numerous leadership positions over the course of a decade, including Global Head of Clearing Operations and Head of Credit Default Swaps and Equity Derivative Operations.” Allow me to show you an instance where a brokerage prevents you from selling buddy, DOLE, FEB. 17 2017: bloomberg.com/opinion/artic...
@JesusMurphy @jcobjcob Why Not DRS? "The biggest disadvantage of using the DRS is that you can't sell your stock right away. You have to submit instructions to the transfer agent, who then pools your sell orders with those of other sellers. They then execute the trade on a preset schedule. This would prevent you from selling shares in the midst of panic if the world fell apart, or if you needed money right away. At best, you'd have to allow for many business days before you could access your cash. Another somewhat quicker option is to have the transfer agent who's managing your DRS entry move your shares to the brokerage firm. The stockbroker can then sell them fast. But even this would take at least a few business days. In some cases, it might take even longer." I DONT THINK SO!
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