$VXRT We haven’t been duped, they never said they would receive massing funding nor did they misrepresent their involvement in OWS. In case no body ever told you, There IS risk involved in the market. I got more news for you.. if the NHP study data sucks, this is going to tank HARD & QUICK. Again there is risk! Personally.. I believe in the science, process’s & technology of this company. I know the risks, and yes, I am bagholding with a 7.33 avg. If your not willing to tolerate some risk/pain.. this game isn’t for you.. especially in the biotech sector. Stick to ETF’s bud. Otherwise, drink a cup of STFU and get in line like everyone else & patiently WAIT FOR THE RESULTS. I think the results will be good
$VXRT what a turd. Maybe all the lawsuits make a point. We’ve been duped.
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