Nicely played!
@Jimjr2037 honestly, i set up my first accounts back then but not because i know anything, but never did anything with it and i surely never did anything stocktwit wise except look at the comments. what really got me involved and into this was being holed up in my house the past 6 months. I really have no clue, i just go on gut. I had 30k in AT&T for the dividend and when the market crashed, ive never been right about anything really but i truly had conviction that the market was going to comeback hard so i dole that T stock at 35, threw 12k in cash into my account and used all of that money to invest in tech. honestly it was all gut. i bought WIX at 190, OSTK at 23, STNE at 19, and and XNTK ETF some shares as well......also a bunch of speculative penny stocks that i saw on seeking alpha....i really know nothing , just looking for momentum as idea really where to look thought
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