$ABUS $MRNA Let's stop arguing people. That's exactly what the market and competitors to MRNA's vaccine wants. We know there is something great here with MRNA and if these companies work TOGETHER, BOTH MRNA and ABUS shareholders can win. If we argue and trash each other, both companies lose and shareholders of both lose. We were doing fighting all day Friday and look both MRNA and ABUS tanked. What good did that do? "We see arguments in social media between ABUS and MRNA shareholders, trying to trash each other's stock. This makes no sense to us since it's clear based on market reaction that both companies will do better to work together. ABUS and MRNA shareholders should push for a deal so they can BOTH win, like what happens under so many merger scenario. We are long ABUS but may consider going long MRNA too if signs are there that it's willing to make a deal. We believe MRNA can shoot back up to $80+ upon announcing a deal or settlement with ABUS."
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