$ATER This is my take - Every time this stock has upward movement, hedge funds are executing ladder attacks, purchasing large amounts of shares through dark pool when downward movement slows or moves up, then controls the stock price by selling shares off at a rate that creates steady downward movement. they prey on fomo when stock rises rapidly, and they prey on paper hands once they begin selling. I think at this point both sides are loosing money and its going to come to a head at some point when one side is able to push past a breaking point where shorts have to cover, or bulls bail because of too much pain. I purchased this stock at the absolute wrong time. Luckily i was up 300% for the year, but i have lost the vast majority of my gains holding the stock so far. This was my first year trading so I'm here to learn and I'm not upset about my losses, but i find this fascinating, and its my first time playing a potential short squeeze. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.