$PALT I see the spammer scammer @Aevitas pumping this one at $8.8 on Twitter and in his pay per use discord room, asking cam the man on Twitter if he (cam) got in with him at 8.8. The stock is N0w down from his entry. But the real funny thing here is, the experienced traders in CamTheMan_ room had it off its support this morning when it bounced from $7 to $10.5 for a 50% gainer. If you just bought @Aevitas 8.8 pump your now down. Note this dude @Aevitas is a dangerous trader trying to sell pay memberships to his discord room. If you go to other free discord rooms, like cam the mans room, you can find quality traders who will teach you j0w to trade, and these experienced traders will post charts for you to learn and show you set ups.
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