$SPY $QQQ So for anyone that follows any sort of "credible source" like CNBC or Cramer, Motley Fool, All-In, Cathie the con Woods, etc, none of these people or entities are great for actionable advice. You need to utilize them for information, then do your own Due Diligence. Every historical meteoric rise in interest rates would tell you the stock market is going to collapse. And yet most of these entities were like "it won't be that bad, transitory, deflation soon" etc etc. All of these gen z youtube and tiktok Investors absolutely got obliterated, nevermind the crypto and nft con artists. And the CNBC folk haven't done much better. Every single one of these people were wrong. I personally went against the grain and sold out hard. Prices didn't make sense, rates didn't make sense. 2% stock yield vs 5% GIC? HMMM TOUGH CHOICE! The point is, you need to be educated and informed. Don't blind follow anyone. Including me lol. I think 3400-3200, but who knows. Maybe 2600 on deck. 🤷‍♂️