$ADXS so with compliance on the way, what does everyone see happening here in the next 7 days? We all know an offering is coming soon. I’m just hoping we will get news before any offering. Surely that’s the plan. Curious what others think. I have a large position (for me anyway) at .56 average and I don’t know if I should start phasing some out on these 1.20 spikes in premarket, or hold it all for news...
@Jkwarr stop pretending to be long. Maybe I’ll sell some shares to you at $15 but probably not because I don’t think you have any $ to buy anything and certainly no guts.
@Kingslayer2020 and @colace just bc I ask a legitimate question doesn’t make it some attempted mind trick! What’s your position? Here’s mine asshats! Some people are not trying to manipulate you on here.... and I damn sure hope it goes anywhere near your stated prices!